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August 19, 2015


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Filters have long been a critical part of using Revit, thanks for taking the time to make them user friendlier!

Is the preview available in the UK? Can't seem to access it (bombs out during the splash screen) or the 2 links in the PDF on any connection.

The preview should be available in the UK. However, with this hosting technology, there are sometimes bandwidth issues that cause connection issues.

global parameters are going to be either really great or really dangerous depending on the user.

i'm not sure saying the filters dialogue has a "tree structure" is very accurate. that implies some kind of hierarchy rather than the straight list you actually still get. or am i missing something?

Ahem... View Filters NOT Selection Filters. A tree structure in the latter would also be helpful! Hopefully i'm not the only one that made that mistake.

Really looking forward to Global Parameters, I hope there will be a Type version, so I can populate enineering constants into my templates and models.

Also, I noted that a couple of types of units were missing, namely mass flow rate (kg/s) and specific heat capacity (kJ/kg.K). Are there any plans to extend the palette of units available?

Is it possible to add a key-in command that could be defined on a shortcut to toggle the wall Join Status option after the wall tool is selected?

If I create a Global Parameter of the type Text, how can I insert that in a text annotation on a drawing?

I am getting the port issue, so have asked for it to be opened. However I am now being asked for destination IP's and is it UDP or TCP are their any other ports?? Can you help thanks

I can't change Reference plane name in the drawing area.

For reference plane naming in the drawing area, we just checked and this feature didn't quite make it into our hosted preview for sunrise actually. I'll update the blog post to reflect that. Thanks.

Global Parameters have soooo much potential!! Being used to what we can do with parameters in Families I was expecting to be able to select the quantity value for an array and link it to a Global Parameter... coming soon?

The family visibility preview is gold.

When will we be able to size HVAC equipment and have accurate duct sizing? Similar to Wrightsoft and Trane Trace? To ACCA standards?

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