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August 19, 2015


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is it normal I am in viewer mode in Sunrise?

Yes, this is normal for the Sunrise hosted preview.

I know you just released this minutes ago, but is there a New Features list available?

Pretty cool to even try to play with. 1 general comment, I know you are running this as a viewer mode, it would be nice to be able to play with a licensed version so that we could see how linking files works and how global parameters work between files.

Following Dave's lead, I also would like a New Features list, or 'Try This' list so I know where to look... Thanks

I was unable to login using my existing A360 login credentials. Do I need to recreate my A360 account?

Thanks everyone for trying it out. For a list of things to try, we just posted the list here:

Nice list! When will it be released?
[fyi: link is broken (period in url)]

We are TRYING to try it :(
Installed on 3 machines. On two, the splash screen appears on launch, then the Revit Sunrise Preview Starting... dialog, then it disappears.
Prior to "launch" there are 5 running Citrix processes:
Citrix Connection Center, Citrix Connection Manager, Citrix FTA URL Redirector, Citrix Receiver, and Citrix Receiver Application.
During attempted launch, the Citrix HDX Engine process also appears, then it goes away.


Based on your description, it sounds like the Revit Sunrise Preview is running properly on one of your systems. If so, could you check if the Citrix FTA URL Redirector process is running on that system? I ask because I don't see this process when I setup the Revit Sunrise Preview on a new system. If this process is not running on the system on which the Revit Sunrise Preview is running properly, I would recommend using Task Manager to end that task and then try launching the Revit Sunrise Preview again.

If this does not help to resolve the problem, I would check the programs installed by the Revit Sunrise Preview, which can be accomplished in the Windows Control Panel under Programs and Features. The following are the programs, including version, that should have been installed:
Autodesk Player Plugin - version
Citrix Receiver - version
Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x86) - version 11.0.61030
Revit Sunrise Preview - version (adsk)

If any of these are missing, I would recommend running the original Revit_Sunrise_Preview_Setup.exe again and see if everything is installed properly at that point. Also, if any of the versions are older than the ones I listed, I would recommend uninstalling them and then running the original Revit_Sunrise_Preview_Setup.exe again.

Please let us know if this information does not resolve your issue and we can investigate further. Thanks!!
Tony Michniewicz
Autodesk Revit QA

I am getting the port issue, so have asked our MIS dept. for it to be opened. However they are now asking for destination IP's or URL's and is it UDP or TCP are their any other ports that need opening?? Can you help thanks


There are no set IPs or URLs for these servers as the system is dynamic. IPs can change at any time depending on load conditions, backend maintenance, updates, and other variables. Therefore, filtering by IP is not a sustainable approach without significant maintenance cost as it's a moving target. Most administrators will open/forward ports 80 & 443 for http/https (which Autodesk relies on as well) and they may be able to manage port 2598 in the same manner.

An approach some companies have used is to allow port 2598 to any public IP but restrict it internally to only the few machines that need it on the inside of the firewall (potentially limited to only work hours as well). This reduces the surface of any potential threats through 2598 to only a few known internal machines. These machines could then have traffic analysis or protocol detection performed, and monitored for suspicious activity if that was a further concern.

Tony Michniewicz
Autodesk Revit QA

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