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July 21, 2015


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i installed a student version of revit 2015 on an asus, republic of gamers 501, with windows 8, and cpu core i7, and nvidia geforce gtx 960m.
the installation went finely, but i cannot use it since it has some part flickering, and it freezes. so i wonder if there is any problem of compatibility, as for example with graphics or OS. Please let us know as soon as possible. We chose this asus since it seemed to be compatible with the requirements to use revit, or exceeded those requirements. When trying to contact any customer services unfortunately nobody has been able to offer any help so far.
If you can please advice. Best regards. Alex Tonnetti

Hi Alex,

We usually do not recommend using gaming-geared graphics cards because they are not optimized to function with Revit by the manufacturer. The GEForce card may very well be causing issues. Have you tried turning of Hardware Acceleration (R -> Options -> Graphics -> Use Hardware Acceleration) to see if that resolves your issues?


I have exactly the same problem.
So it seems that this is a software limitation. It would be great if autodesk can make revit work with gaming video cards.

Hi Lloyd,

There's actually nothing that the Revit team can do to change this behavior. Revit uses only officially published DirectX 11 APIs. The changes would have to be made to the graphics card driver by the graphics card manufacturer.


There doesn't appear to be any approved graphics cards for Building Design Suites since the 2014 version. Has this facility been shut down?

How often does this process happen between Autodesk and GPU makers? Every major release? Every service pack? Are past versions of Revit continually evaluated as new cards are released or as new drivers are released?

Hi Steve,
Certification can happen at any point during the year. The hardware certification website is updated monthly if new results are available. The certification file included with Revit installation is also updated with each service pack.

Hi Jim,
You are correct, certifications for Building Design Suites are no longer being issued. This is due to differences between certification processes and needs for different products included in the suite.

What would be the recommended path for those of us who have the Building Design Suites for purchasing new graphics cards? We have a variety of people using a variety of applications from the Suite and only a few "standard" models of graphics cards which we are trying to use. Should we base our graphics card purchasing decisions off the application we use the most?

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