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July 07, 2015


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Thank you guys for the post. In doing this comparison myself on my end, drawing pipes was nearly identical in both releases, nothing close to the lag shown in your "Drawing Pipes" video. Perhaps I have a later service pack (Update release 7) on 2015 that addressed this?

That video of 2015 is very fishy. If Revit MEP were THAT slow, we would definitely not be using it on large projects, especially considering that dataset seems very simple.

The key differentiator here is the System Type’s Calculation setting (Performance vs. Volume Only), which was introduced in 2015 Release 2 (though, we also included in UR releases for all given the impact). The system has 4000 sprinklers, 8428 segments, and 4428 fittings. The system is a fully connected, though many users will split systems by physically disconnecting to mitigate performance bottlenecks. Our goal is eliminate that need. Hopefully that clarifies, and helps ensure apples to apples comparison.

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