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May 20, 2015


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Is there a technical reason why Vector printing is multithreaded by Raster is not? Printing with eye candy like colors and transparency has to be raster, and in my experience we print a lot more of that as a part of the workflow than we do vector graphics, especially when shadows in CDs are in play. Or is vector printing newly multithreaded and raster has always been so?

Hi Gordon,

A bit of a correction to the above (which we will fix). In confirming with our development team, Vector and Raster printing both use multi-threading. Its been this way for a number of releases.

Corrected, thanks Harlan!

Ah, good to know. It seemed odd that only Vector was listed. Thanks Harlan.

FWIW Gordon and i were talking about this on gotomeeting today, and it appears many more of the "pretty graphics" are now either printing with Vector, or "selectively" plotting the rest of the sheet with Vector.

I dont recall Revit ever doing this in the past (but maybe it has?) but its GREAT. I have a Wall section sheet with an Axon 3D view, and the axon has shadows AND ambient Shadows on. When i PDF it, ONLY the viewport with the shadows is Rasterized. The entire rest of the sheet appears to still be Vector. Thats a massive step up from what i THOUGHT it used to do (whole sheet in raster).

But maybe im nuts?

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