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May 21, 2015


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Thank you (Sasha, Scott, Anthony, et. al.) for documenting these improvements.

More to come!

I guess my technical report (it hauls balls) wasnt technical enough. Tee hee hee.

Its blazingly fast. Thanks for all of the hard work!

Is it bad that all I take from this is that it now takes LONGER in 2016 to refresh plan views and pan sections.

When you get down to under a 10th second difference or so in any operation, it falls below the threshold of human perception. Try it out and see if you can see a difference between the versions. If so, we'd like to test on the same model to see if we can find a place to better optimize.

@AP - The difference you see is not statistically significant. Small variations of a tenth of a second or so are always present between runs. Because this data set represents a small sample size, the tiny increase you see is likely to be a fluke. The next run may actually show times that are marginally faster. We would have to run the test hundreds of times to confirm if there is any change at all when the change is so small. The conclusion that can be drawn here is that refresh of plan views and pan of sections of this particular data set in 2016 is about the same as 2015.

Of course, the results are highly model dependent. Some models may have many more elements visible in plan/section views and therefore have a corresponding significant improvement in performance in both plan and section.

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