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August 07, 2014


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Loaded up rac_basic_sample_project. Went to Floor Plan - Site. Hyper-linked help annotation tags are not working.

I LOVE the new Search feature in the Type Selector. Yes!

Some nice new features - here's some comments:

1 - I can't believe how fast it is drawing/regenerating my data-heavy views!(tower 3D and elevation views) Is this something in the new version or something to do with the Citrix setup? Either way - impressive!

2 - Drawing speed in shadowed views does not seem as upgraded - also, was wondering if the printing of shadowed views has been improved (can't test printing in this version)

3 - File upgrade dialog box looked just like before (no version info, cancel upgrade)

4 - The Wall Join feature of Disallow/Allow join is a little buggy. Let's me Disallow, but then when I Allow, they don't both rejoin, and then it gets finicky about letting me select that wall join again.

5 - The added search function in various dialogs helps a lot

6 - Load and close family is something I've been wanting for a long time - simple, but nice.

Followed the link to What's New in Sundial, it connects to What's New in Revit 2015. Searched for the word Dynamo, no matching words found. Who's at the wheel, Bozo the Clown?

Could you post the API help file for Sundial?

Was wondering when we might be able to try out the print to pdf with hyperlinks. I believe since it is in trial mode we are unable to try that function out.


How do you sign out of 360 within Sundial?

@Brian Beck:
Sorry that you're having trouble accessing the help in this way.
To access help topics from rac_basic_sample_project, do the following:
1. Open a view that contains blue help dots (see the list on A001 - Title Sheet). Also open the Properties palette.
2. Click a help dot in the view and, in the Properties palette, select the Learning Link parameter and click its [...] button.
A related help topic about the element displays in a browser window.
3. (Optional) To track your progress through these help topics, after reading a topic you can click the checkbox for the help dot's Content Reviewed parameter in the Properties palette. On A001 - Title Sheet, the Reviewed column of the schedule indicates the help topics that have been read/not read.

If you continue to have problems, or have problems with a specific help link, please let me know? Thanks!

-- Patty Gale, Autodesk Revit User Assistance Team

Trying Sundial from Australia... and I get an error saying "The Application failed to start on the server. Please check your Citrix client."

Is the Sundial trial US only? We're terribly interested in it over here.

Can I access Revit Sundial from a mac?

Trying sundial here in Beantown!

All of the "HELP" links in sundial keep taking me to the Revit 2015 Help Website even when i click the link from the blue dots in the plan views.

Seems to happen in Chrome and IE both, this is the link I am being directed to: ""

I was able to find this pdf for some FAQs on Sundial. ""

Help please oh masters of all things BIM!

Hi James.

Do not adjust your browser. Just go to "What's New" in the help to which you're you're being linked.

Hi Adrian.

In theory you should be able to get to Sundial, there's no regional restriction, so there's some technical issue arising. I assume you've tried downloading again? In the meantime, let me ask the team what might be causing that. Sometimes we're seeing problems with the firewall settings of different firms trying to access the preview.

Hi Paras.

The servers shouldn't care whether you're on a Mac, but the little downloadable client might. Let me check into that for you.

(post edited sightly for clarity)


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