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August 07, 2014


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1. The toggle between Perspective and Parallel was not all that discoverable. I had to look at the help to find out how.
I'm quite surprised the 'Perspective' checkbox in the Properties won't allow this, which is the first place I looked.

2. I'm not much for wanting to modify elements in a Perspective. But I would like to do other tasks like;
- Select an element and then Edit Family.
- Run tools from the Add-Ins tab.

how... do you toggle perspective/orthogonal?

I don't quite know what is the size of projects you are testing Revit betas but please, consider changing the performance in a notable way.We are a construction company and we have over 40 BDSP licenses 2013 to 2015 and the biggest headache is click and wait to REGENERATE.Yes, we use optimized workflows.

More editing capabilities in camera views is great, but the real game changer would be to be able to disable the crop region. Then we could move around freely (as in Navis Works for example)

Probably not an easy thing to do, but it would be a much more natural way to inspect relationships between building elements.

Hi folks.

Thanks for the suggestions, which I've been forwarding on to the development team for consideration.

Andrew, see above where Chad had the same comment -- evidently the controls aren't that discoverable, so please check out the help topic.

Arsen, we have test models up into the extreme range of 1GB+ in size -- we've invested a lot in performance for this preview, which some commenters have noticed. Hopefully, if you get the chance to try some of these enhancements on your own models in the future, you'll see some improvements in the speed of some common interactions.

For reference: to toggle to the parallel 3D view from the perspective view, on the ViewCube menu, click Toggle to Parallel 3D.

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