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March 14, 2012


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Why do you post this stuff about a new product, here on the 'Revit user experience' site? Are we to understand that part of our 'experience' is to be ignored?

We need your team to be CONSTANTLY working on all the hundreds of wishlist items that are posted for any given release of any version of Revit. Why are you not posting Revit fixes on a daily basis? Seriously, I'm asking - have you been told by management to only fix two items per year? I have to believe that you could easily pick any one of a hundred problems with Revit, work on the code to repair that problem, then post it for beta review, once a week. Why does that not happen? Such a habit would go very far toward improving our view of Autodesk ... not that you would care, of course.

Do you have any idea how exasperated most users are with Revit? I can send you many links, if you need them.

I am posting about Project Vasari because it is based on the Revit platform - and relevant to the ongoing discussion about Revit.

As for features, a bit more than two things have been fixed in this release:
All three disciplines are available as a single installed product
BIM managers have control over how the user interface is configured
Project template workflow has been improved
Search for the project browser
Custom view types
Views are now tightly associated with their view templates
New Diameter dimension tool
Control over individual segments in a multi-segment dim
Double click an instance of a family to edit it
RPC content can now be viewed as rendered objects in Realistic views
More control over lighting and materials for Realistic view styles
A new Ray Trace visual style
An overhaul of the materials tool including thermal and structural properties
Construction parts can now be merged
More control over how construction assemblies can be viewed and detailed
Paths and edges can be divided parametrically in the conceptual design environment

And that is just the platform enhancements off the top of my head, not to mention enhancements to the individual discipline tools:

I can understand if you are frustrated with your experience with Revit. But lets try and have a conversation about it, not a flame war.

Mr. V.:

You are correct, there are more than two changes - which makes my question become: How many of these chanegs are in direct response to user's requests, as detailed in Autodesk's own RMEP Wishlist site:

as well as the Top Ten list for all three flavors of Revit from AUGI:

You did get the loop leader, and you mention the improved stair railings, so there are two .... out of 30 ..... the rest appear to have been ignored - as I pointed out in my part of the conversation.

If I am wrong, and Autodesk has addressed more requests from users, then you should trumpet that fact, pointing out exactly which of the requests were answered, in your list of enhancements.

We've been having this 'conversation' for many years (with and without your participation), but because so many of our requests have been so completely ignored by Autodesk for so long, we can be expected to be very frustrated with your company's lack of performance, so you're going to take some heat. In fact, I would submit that to a large degree you've brought that heat on yourselves; if you don't like it, then fix the problems that paying customers ask you to fix. The three AUGI lists all start with the same thing (a better text editor) - why won't you address this major request?

I am 100% certain that if our clients made a request, (especially repeatedly), and we did not meet that request, we would lose that customer. Why does Autodesk continually ignore the requests of its paying customers?

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