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January 06, 2012


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- I always thought it was odd that Families, Sheets and views have the same navigation "style" when they are very different conceptually. Also, it may help for them to be separate.
- I also always wondered that there is no "model tree structure" (Like Catia/DP) Complex interrelated models could benefit from that.
- I have dozens of schedules in my project and no structure to put them on

It would be great if any list in Revit was searchable. I believe this would save a lot of time. I'm constantly looking for a specific view among hundreds. The project browser would be great for this and it shouldn't be relevant to how you've set your organization. I also agree that schedules need to be able to be grouped as well. The drop down list when you create a component, wall, window or anything should also have a search function.

Tabbed Browser would be great for each large are to cut down scrolling

Very common suggestion.  Ill post on known issues and potential requirements in the days ahead.

Here are few wishes:

* Allow creation of tabs in project browser similar to the browser filter. This would be extremely helpful to separate disciplines, phases, construction packages, etc on to individual tabs for faster browsing

* Separate out the family tree into its own dock-able panel (see Kiwicode Family Browser addin)

* Add additional options for viewing like icon/preview based tree

* Allow filtering of legends, schedules

* Add more levels of filtering, 3 isn't enough when you have discipline, sub-discipline, construction package, phase, and view family type for example

All these suggestions are popular.  Ill share potential requirements Ive gathered in a future post.  thank you

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