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December 14, 2011


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In the first part, why would you draw your roof as an extrusion instead of a standard roof object with pitches in plan?

Sure.  That would work as well.  You can sketch a small footprint roof with two slope defining lines.  This would work as long as the slope is constant like the example.

Erik, do you have a small bucket of tips and tricks for showing a new opening in an existing wall when the wall is phase[existing], but the opening happens in phase[new]. How can the new opening be visible in the phase[new]with phasefilter[show demo and new]. Specific useful situation: showing location and size for a new opening in a masonry wall in the demo drawings and not just in the architectural drawings. thanks.

Ill look to see if I or anyone here has some tips for this condition.  I would also suggest a post to AUGI which is a fantastic community of Revit experts.

We developed a little Revit API called BuildEdge Roof - It performs the roof geometry and layout for pitched roofs in a matter of minutes versus hours.

Erik, would you be willing to review it? There's a free trial download on our store, but we could arrange a full version if you're interested in checking it out.

Thanks for your consideration, Christina

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