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October 03, 2011


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On the topic of archeology, in that roof cutoff article's comments you never did explain the other method for creating a mansard roof, apart from by mass face, or using two separate roofs (which makes an ugly join in section)...

There are many other ways for sure.  I did cover shape editing:
Each method has advantages and disadvantages but I can look to cover them in a future post.

Nice. I was just doing some "digging" of my own today. Here is a good one that I found: Create a camera view. In the bottom left View Scale menu you notice the scale is replaced with the word "Perspective." Well, have you ever tried changing to, say, 1" = 20' ? That is not a very useful view scale ;) Even better, click "Custom" and you will notice the default scale is 1:0 (huh?) OK, now try changing it to 1:1 (lines get thicker, but not unreadable.) OK, now I want to go back to that default view scale. Try entering 1:0 into Custom, and it reverts back to 1:1... its a black hole!

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