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September 14, 2011


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In the Properties Pallet, unhide the dropdown-list icon when there is a list. Just one example is the sub-category list in the family editor. These hidden drop-down-list icons are in many places. Users click once to unhide the icon, then click again to reveal the drop-down-list.

Three things

1. When creating a new folder in the open or save dialog, make the folder name selected and renamable. Revit is the only app I have that makes you select the folder and hit F2. We have many "New Folder" folders on our network because of this.

2. Make selecting a parameter easier in properties. Many times I click on a Text value and start typing only to find out it never actually selected the text and I am now entering a Keyboard shortcut. This is a new problem post 2011.

3. in all dialogs but especially the Family types make the TAB key jump to the next paramter value rather than having to TAB twice. Now the first time selects the parametrer the second selects the value. Single tab would be great.

A perfect example of an unwanted behavior that comes from a third party toolkit used through much of the Revit UI - most places grids appear.  Replacing this is a larger project but one we may need to do at some point to advance the UI.

Currently, if you want to reload a family, you have to find the entry in the project browser, right click and hit 'Reload...' I'd like to see this functionality extended so that when you right click on an element in the model environment, you can also access 'Reload...'. This is similar to the way that you can right click an element and 'Edit Family', which you can do from both the project browser and the model environment. I believe this would be a beneficial workflow, as quite often you have to hunt the browser for the correct family. If you are designing in a certain area of the model and decide you need a new type, you can add this to the catalogue and reload without removing your focus from the area you're working on, as opposed to breaking focus away to the project browser

Good one.  Its certainty easier to act on the thing in front of you than to hunt for it in list form.

Some of the UI implementation of the V
G dialog is very cumbersome. Cannot select multiple filters to move, ctrol a does not select all, some auto checking functions wouldn't hurt etc etc...

Visibility Graphics Overrides --> Worksets --> Visibility Settings

I have to click once to activate the row, a second time to drop down, and then a third time to select show, hide, or use global. Instead of a drop-down, how about just three radio buttons, straight across?

Every click counts, especially while manipulating the 11,000+ combinations of visibility controls.

Good examples.  The toolkit in use is partially to blame for some of these behaviors.  VG is a high traffic dialog.

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