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July 05, 2011


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It's a good little refinement. A number of the less intuitive users in my office immediately noticed and appreciated it. Now that I know about the spacebar shortcut, I'll definitely use that.

I would have been missing out on the spacebar thing if not for your post though, so one step further would have been to put [space] in the tooltip for the "place" button.

If I was new to Revit "Default" would make little sence to me. I would have no point of reference. Why not just say what it does like you describe in the post? :-)

Good point.  Center is more specific.

Love it, use it (spacebar) every time I use rotate.

Très bonne interprétation de nos demandes. MERCI
La barre espace est très pratique.
Ne serait-il pas possible que si l'on choisit l'option "Lieu" ("Pointer" would be a better translation), elle soit conservée la prochaine fois quand on utilise la fonction "rotation" ?

Excellent interpretation of our requests. THANK YOU
The space bar is very useful.
Would it be possible, if you select "Place", to remain it the next time using "rotate"?

"Place" should be sticky - the old default method has never be very nice and I curse every time I have to drag that thing into the right location.

I would like to see the possibility of rotating multiple objects about their individual centers of rotation. i.e. if you place a bunch of elements and then want to rotate them by an arbitrary angle along their individual centers. Or perhaps someone else has a way to deal with this?

Merci pour les commentaires. Enregistrement de la préférence pour la session est une bonne idée. Je vais travailler pour cette.

Thank you for the comments and suggestions. Saving the preference for the session is a good idea. I will investigate this.


What you ask for works if you are OK with 90 degree increments. An arbitrary rotation would need further input or a setting to hold additional increments to try in succession. I can't think of another workaround but perhaps others will chime in.

Would it be possible to have the centre of rotation for a camera default to the camera itself rather than the centroid of the view cone ?

Excellent suggestion.  I should have pointed out that the origin for loadable content is the same as the family origin but for hard coded elements like cameras the centroid may not be the best choice.

It is a really nice little enhancement - will use it all the time.

However, I do remember from earlier testing that the new keyboard shortcuts don't work in a consistent way: from memory, "Define a new center of rotation" (R3) can be used to invoke the Rotate command AND/OR to change the mode [this is good]; the other new shortcut "Set the center to default" only works to change the mode, not to start the rotate command [bad], it also protests if you are already in that mode [unnecessary]. So now we have 3 "Rotate" shortcuts that each work in a subtly different way. 2 consistent ones would have sufficed.

My longstanding frustration with RMEP Rotate, (aside from not being prompted for a centerpoint), is that the command is unable to snap to a center of a vertical duct or pipe elbow in plan view. This means I have to draw a temporary line across the base of the elbow, snap the center of rotation to the midpoint of that line, then go back and erase the line.

I don't expect this can be fixed.

This would be handled from the element.  It should make a reference available to the command.  Ill see if this issue is logged.

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