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May 11, 2011


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We like the improvements to shortcuts. That dialog box is a good example of really informative feedback to users - its a good thing. One of the problems we have is that users seldom read dialog boxes - this is partly bad habits learnt on CAD systems where messages are not imoportant; but it is also due to the cryptic nature of many Revit messages, and also some unecessary ones. Apart from fixing those issues, It might help us to have an importance level for each message graphically shown kinda like the VBA message hierarchy that has coloured symbols for information, warning, serious problem (yellow exclamation mark . . . . big red cross, if I remember rightly).

Cool.  The dialogs do support icons and they should appear in specific cases.  If the warning is just informational typically there is a blue dot with white i but most dialogs are of this kind and so we omit it. The Yellow Exclamation Mark is used when there is a risk of data loss or significant time lost.  The red X would only be a more severe version of this.  In general if you see an icon it should get more attention and if you dont see an icon the risk is minor.  If you know of cases that dont conform to this certainly let us know.  We are always trying to make these more effective and easier to understand.  I did a whole post on task dialogs a while back.

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