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March 08, 2011


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But every video card has gobs of video memory these days... the question is for Revit usage, is 1GB really better than 512MB... how about 2GB... at what point is it overkill for Revit?

Is there a formula for determining how much memory would be used, e.g. Bitmap size (in MB) x number of materials in the model = approx. amount of video memory usage (not counting what the OS needs and other running apps of course)?

Unfortunately I dont have a formula but the number of unique materials and the sum of their raw texture maps would be one factor.  Ill talk more with our developers to see if they have other guidance.

Thanks. Any additional info would be helpful in actually specifying hardware.

Hi Erik,
I have been browsing around for info on the Rachofsky house (as i have to physically build it) and it seems that you may have a revit model available, in which I can reference all my measurements from. Would you mind sharing it?

I have a model a student made.  Ill check with them to see if they wouldnt mind sharing it.

Sounds great! I am looking forward to it!
Thanks a lot for your help.

305 979 6599

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