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February 15, 2011


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My issue was with the lack of ability to use CEA and shadows get funny once you hit the 1024 limit of faces, which gets hard when you do city blocks and focus on the roof.

Otherwise great starter tool. looking forward to seeing 1.1 improvements.

Second issue.

Since we have MEP and Structures we cannot use the Nucleus tool, even though we have a tensioned membrane division which I think would be of immense use in helping very quickly understand design options and rough out forming for our customers who use membrane structures. Since the msi only recognised RAC it won't load and therefore I imagine Vasari cannot load the API. Can we expend the limitations since it tells me I have no Revit Product on machine when I run both structure and MEP.


Adam, the standalone nucleus add-in for revit and Vasari implementations are completely separate. You should be able to run Vasari w/ nucleus regardless of your existing software. It is integrated in Vasari and does not require a separate install. If not, please do not hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to your feedback re. tensioned membrane analysis

Third issue

You can only create rectangular shapes, but this is a known issue, so I guess you guys are already working on it.

Forth issue (very Important)

When the framework is created, you can only apply a mesh surface, which is faceted. Not realistic when you want to mimic a silk cloth which is smooth. It would be nice to have the option to either apply (update) a mesh or nurbs surface. For now, the only work around is to delete the mesh surface and then loft the models lines to create a smooth surface.

fith issue

It would be nice to be able to apply the Nucleus technology to existing surfaces.

It's not very useful now, but when these issues are addressed, it will be a fanstastic tool. No doubt about that.

My compliments for the first efforts

This is a, hopefully, silly question. I have downloaded Vasari 1.1 and I do not have the "Nucleus" tab when I run the program. What am I doing wrong? I understand from Tom Vollaro's post above is that no seperate install is required.

In case it matters, I do not have Revit installed.

@Scott, the Nucleus functionality only works inside a mass family file. Go to the "V" menu, click New Family and select the Mass.rft template. Have fun!

Thanks. That does it.

Hello, I have just downloaded Vasari 1.1. I am trying to use the metric templates but there are none. Where do I find them????

To find the metric templates, go to the "V" menu, click Options and then click Browse next to the two template sections. Browse "up" one level to the VAS TP1.1 folder and then select Metric Templates. From now on, creating a new project and/or family file will default to the metric templates.

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