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December 09, 2010


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For A3 do we keep 2011 or do we replace it by 2012; within the string?

Right now 2012 A3 and 2011 behave the same and can both use the string,  For 2012 we are investigating making it so the string is no longer required.

Awesome news. Had no idea the fix was already in my hand. This news will please a lot of project teams.

Great to hear.  So far everyone has been positive so it looks like the proper solution.

In my Revit 2011 I had no line that said [Interface.... so I pasted it in as instructed. Saved and then closed the revit.ini. Started revit, inserted the problematic family (in this case an electrical panel). It came in at the wrong elevation.

To give a better description here is the link from the forum where I first posted the issue. A person directed me to this great article:
Can anyone please tell me what, if anything I am doing wrong?

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