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December 13, 2010


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A proposal, given that you know your users want to create this kind of view:


A - Let all view that show information in the Z-Axis have all of the same controls, from gradient backgrounds, to render, and everything in between.

B - Give three dimensional views access to data; tagging and keynoting objects and materials is the essence of BIM. Then one wouldn't need to resort to the non-intuivive, sure-to-trip-up-those-who-follow-in-the-model method posted here.

C - Allow filled regions to be gradients. Then one could simply make a filled region in the elevation/section view. This could be copied to other views for consistency, and wouldn't waste model resources as badly as doubling the elevation and section views would. (For that matter, I'd like to be able to use materials as filled regions, basically like painting materials.)

or D - Document this whacky method. Accept it into the fold of official uses. If this is the way to do what your users want, them tell them in documentation that ships with the product, not on some obscure blog read by less than one percent of said users.

From where I sit, Autodesk should absolutely do BOTH A and B, do C but for other reasons, and realize that D would still be necessary for so many other things that users want to do, but that currently require obtuse workarounds.

While I apologize for the tone of my post, this is clearly in the realm of un-Revit-like behavior and must go. Super-imposing two views ?!

How about just putting a raster image in the background?

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