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October 13, 2010


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This is really helpful. It solves the problem that occurred whe you view the browser in "Not on sheets" mode. Selecting one of the open views highlights in bold, but when using "not on sheets" and is alrady on a sheet, the view name doesn't highlight.

I have a wish about view titles of a different kind...

When you pull a view onto a sheet, the title that is placed underneath needs some more functionality. I would summarize it as follows:

1. Ability to be right or left justified.
2. Ability to pick up the view number from a location grid on the sheet per the National CAD Standard.
3. Ability to have a graphical scale be part of the title symbol.
4. Ability to rotate the view relative to the title. Right now if you rotate the view, the title goes with it.

Thanks.  Ill be sure these are recorded.  I suspect its come up before.

That is useful. However, I seldom work with tiled views - usually only have one view full screen, so I rely on the view name at the top of the screen. If you notice your snapshot, the name says "Autodesk R..." before it is cut off, so you can't even get the filename, let alone view name. Even on a wide screen, the viewname is usually cut off unless you close "Seek".

It would be much more useful, if it had "Filename, Viewname, Revit Architecture" - dare I suggest it, without "Autodesk". It would also be good if Revit remembers the status of the "Seek" box between sessions - I always close it first thing I do.

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