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August 20, 2010


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I would say the loading of profiles is a big one, as well as being able to delete a material in the material dialog box that comes from inside the wall structure dialog box.

Also I would look into being able to create a profile from the dialog box, which would probably necessitate the creating of another Revit instance or thread, and then load into the project. Anything that can reduce the number of steps required to customize objects is welcome as this is one of the biggest complaints we get from new users, especially designers.

Maybe a system where you can graphically go into a sketch mode of a mullion or post (in a railing, etc.) and start from a rectangular profile that can be edited to something else. Kind of like how you can edit the elevation profile of a wall now.

we need to be able to load profiles for rails and baluster families from the stair dialogs and have an apply from the each to see what has changed.

Also can we combine the rails and balusters into a single dialog with some sort of preview?

The ones that come to mind are fill and line patterns when assigning an object override. If they don't exist, you have to exit, create, and start all over again

I agree with stairs and having previews too.
Ability to load new links from "manage links".
SaveAs new family template (rte)

For me, the worst is managing fonts in texts, dimensions, annotations.
Each font must be changed each time.
Imagine : I want to change all the fonts in the standard template provided with Revit to conform to my corporate standards .
I have to do it 92 times!
in 20 dimentions types
8 text types
23 text types in annotations
37 label types in annotations
1 stair type
3 ramp types

I agree with being able to delete materials when who dive in through thee wall editor. It's so easy to pile up the material types, but you never remember to edit them alone.

Overall, deleting and types of anything from anywhere would go a long way to make things more fluid.

For me a big one is the inability to duplicate a wall type or something else when in group edit mode. We do a lot of projects that are multi-family, and we create the units using model groups. Sometimes it's very annoying having to back out of group edit mode to duplicate a wall or door or something.

Good one.

I wish that the offset input box was large enough (or could be re-sized) so that fractions showed--sometimes you look and think it's 0'-0" but it's really 0'-0 1/2" since only the zeros fit in the display and you proceed with the operation only to have to undo it

A very simple fix. Anything that can be changed without huge effort yet make life simpler in day to day work is worth looking into. Thanks

For starters:
1. In any dialog box that has a drop-down menu (eg. VG workset visibility), you need 2 or 3 clicks to choose something - 1 to get focus in field, 2 to activate drop-down (sometimes a separate click), 3 to choose off list. It should be one fluid mouse-click, drag down the list and let go. that would help avoiding RSI too.

2. In any dialog box that has a drop-down menu - please show more than 6 in the list! We don't have 640x480 VGA monitors any more; it should show as many as possible.

3. In any dialog box that has a drop-down menu, when you click on the list it should have the pre-selected item in the middle of the list so you can quickly go up or down without scroll bar. Usually the selected one is at the top of the list, so you have to hit the scroll bar to see the item directly above (very annoying).

4. Drop-down lists should always have a scroll bar. Orient to other view does not.

5. In the "two-step process" of changing properties of any family that refers to another family (eg profiles, annotation etc), it would be great to have a button to the right of the selected family/type that takes you to the properties of that type (to alter, duplicate etc); then you need a button to return.

6. In the "three-step process" of changing properties of an annotation family that refers to settings too (section, elev, callout tags), we need a pop-up message that tells you to go to "Manage Settings" to set up the tags. A shortcut might be a bit dangerous for inexperienced users to get in there too easily. From the section/elev/callout settings type properties we need a shortcut button to type properties of the families used therein.

All great suggestions.  Thank you

Re: Josh Moore comment regarding duplicating in Group Edit mode, note that Revit lets you duplicate a wall or other family in the Family tree of the project browser. So it can do it, just not in the Edit Type dialog (weird!)

Not quite on track but here goes anyway. Once I have started a schedule and placed it on a sheet I would like to edit the schedule on the sheet purely for the fact that I can zoom in to areas of the schedule to be able to read it easier but I have to back out and edit from the schedule view.

Here's another one:
To change the workset of an existing object, I have to select it, go to the properties dialog and scroll down to the workset field. Generally I'll find it is greyed out as I don't yet own the object. In previous versions I had to close the properties dialog, and take ownership (Make element editable), then reopen properties and scroll down again to change the workset. Now, in v2011, I thought it might be easier - maybe it would be possible to take ownership by changing another property of the object, moving the mouse away (to apply) and back. But no, you still have to deselect the object and then reselect it before the workset field on the properties dialog is enabled. AND then you may need to scroll down to the field and click on the drop-down menu then scroll again to find the correct workset . . . .

It can be really tedious for what should be a one-click operation.

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