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July 21, 2010


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To quote above, you say :"Families do not have a property that controls text or label position. It would be silly since you can just place a label where you want".
As a general question (not necessarily related to Elevation tags):
Why would that be silly? I often have text or labels within a family, and wanted to be able to move them around with a parameter. I found it immensely frustrating to have to create copies of the text/label with visibility controls - it seemed a very laborious workaround.

Silly is perhaps too strong a word then.  Can you say more about your use case?  If text and labels had an offset parameter it would be easy to adjust position and respond to other elements using a formula.  it certainly would have made the upgrade case easier.  I was more thinking that it is silly to use a parameter to adjust a position when you can just open the family and place it where you want.  If there are valid use cases when text must shift position and there are many potential positions I agree it would be helpful.  The visibility workaround would be laborious if you are trying to control many items.

First of all, great post. I love problem solving of this sort, and the window into Revit development is most interesting.

Regarding Tim's comment, my take is that the real problem is that it is so hard to control the position of text in just about every area of Revit. The lack of snaps and fixed insertion points are real problems. I never thought I'd see a program that made Autocad's text controls look good, but Revit accomplishes that. The simple act of centering text within a symbol has to be eyeballed. What the heck?

So the way I read it is that offsets would be a bandaid for this lack of placement control. Or maybe they'd require basepoints anyway, since what would one offset from, otherwise?

Thanks.  Ive gotten similar feedback so Ill try to do this from time to time.  I think many have grown with the product and watched it evolve so the curiosity makes sense. Text is a sore spot.  Ill gather these requirements and ensure they are part of any text efforts.  re-positioning and aligning seem to be two aspects mentioned here.

Sorry for the slow response. Here is one of many examples of needing to control text/label location:
Room Tag, which has 3 labels for name, number and area. Each label has a visiblity y/n paramete. If the middle label (say number) is turned off, then we want to move the top label down to eliminate the gap between the top and bottom labels. Currently we need to have multiple copies of the top label in different positions to deal with this.

Got it.  Thanks.  makes sense.

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