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July 13, 2010


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Interesting, I'll have to watch this as I've often drawn the parallels myself as a non-architect, but long both in that industry and in software. I love the thought of better balance between the parts of a software team to produce a higher quality and more useful product for the customer.
One of the items that always seems to be a sticking point in this comparison for me however is:
An Architect (as an example, could be an engineer, or contractor too) is expected to understand most all of the materials, building codes, construction methods, etc going into the design they produce -- not only for safety reasons but also to stay in the realm of feasibility for the time or budget (no sky hooks or 500 foot cantilevers please). With software design/development, it can be very challenging for all the different team members to understand the technical limitations bounding the proposed design as it progresses from specifications or user stories into complied and functioning software. Of course, this can be a boon or bane depending on what kind of problem you are trying to solve - and as technology and education progresses this will change no doubt. But I do think there may be a gap between these different roles that keeps encouraging developer centric design.

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