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June 15, 2010


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The floating panel doesn't bother me too much, but for consistencies sake I figured at least the finish/cancel options would've remained in the ribbon (similar to the other modes). I somewhat understand the gripes about group edit buttons moving to the ribbon, but we all had to swallow that change last year. Not sure why group editing would get any special treatment here, especially knowing that it occludes your view again.

I actually love the mode changes. I also don't need a floating panel to tell me I'm in group edit mode - the yellow background is sufficient, along with all the other mode changes.

Cancel is definitely necessary, especially if what you've made in sketch mode is going to affect many other objects, or slow down your processing in any way by clicking finish. Cancel gives you a quick-out option, please don't drop it!

I agree with the use of modes to focus the user's attention. It gives users (especially newer ones) a clear view of what it is they are editing or creating.

I'm indifferent to the floating panel. I'm used to the different modes to the point where it doesn't affect my workflow at all to have it on the Ribbon. I can see the benefit for newer users who may not always remember that they need to click the finish button to accept the changes they have made in the mode.

I would like to see the cancel button stay, as it is the fastest way to exit a mode, like a sweep sketch in family editor, if I change my mind or realize that I need to modify my view before I can effectively create my object.

I would like it in the ribbon aswell, however as long as it disappears like it does at the moment when it comes to editing system objects in sketch mode. Just to keep the consistency.

But in the meantime I really don't mind it appearing as a floating box.

I don't mind the current incarnation of the Edit mode. It starts off as floating, but you still retain the ability to dock it to the Ribbon. I like my screen real estate.

But here's what I don't like about it.
When it's docked to the Ribbon, it doesn't look consistent with the other Sketch modes. The Finish and Cancel buttons are different sizes and aren't placed vertically.

They are also placed to the right of the Add, Remove and Attach buttons, unlike other sketch modes which place the Finish and Cancel buttons to the left.

There is no gap between the Edit Group panel and the other panels to the left, so it doesn't draw the eye quick enough.

And it's a bright green colour, unlike the other sketch modes which are a blue-green colour.

I do like the yellow background when editing Groups, but why can't you apply a subtle green background to views when in other sketch modes such as Floors? This would surely give a greater indication of mode rather than a floating panel.
For consistency, I would also like to see this applied for views which have elements Temporarily hidden, and when using Reveal Hidden Elements.

The Cancel certainly needs to remain. It adds a meaningful workflow for aborting the operation, also a quick method to cancel.

I like Modes and I like the floating panel - both reinforce the process and inform me what I'm up to (especially if I leave in the middle of it!) - also, because Revit won't save what's being done in a Mode, it makes it even more clear I need to finish first.

I think removing the Cancel will just cause stress in some (possibly me!) even if it's for no particular reason...

Thanks for asking!

"Is cancel really neccessary?"

Does that question really need to be asked? I guess it depends on your definition of neccessary.

Try getting 250 clicks into a roof sketch only to have it tell you it can't make roof footprint... and you decide to start over because it's easier/faster than finding the problem (if there even is one.). *evil look*

I like the floating panel for edit mode and also feel the cancel button needs to stay. I would suggest designing a similar 'floaty' for Design Option edit mode and while you're at it, bring back the finish editing button for this mode (instead of requiring users to switch back to Main Model, which is not really a design option).

yes, cancel is vital as a concept as it is fundamentally different to undos

but I wish the floating toolbar was relocated to the main ribbon - I have a large widescreen monitor with much unused empty space in the ribbon, where in my opinion it would make more sense to put all tools. also, as you point out, the floating ribbon partly obscures the main view, which I think is sacrilege


I personally do not like the floating panel. I am on the thought of keep it consistant with everything else. I also have a laptop and am regularly hooked up to different projectors / monitors and this floating panel tends to move for the different screens (maybe a Windows 7 issue). I think it should be docked like all the other sketch modes, or at the least maintain a consistant look to the other sketch panels, when docked by the user. As for MODES I think they are a good thing to have, the yellow background in other modes might be nice as well, keeping the focus and the regeneration (or lack of) is a nice feature as well.

I do not like the floating panel for group commands either - it is not consistent in look or feel with anything else on the ribbon. It is retrograde - like a bit of v2009 reinstated. I have floated mine over the ribbon, far right of the screen - so it looks like its docked but is not. This way it stays exactly where I put it and takes up no extra space - you can do this by going into group edit mode, minimise the ribbon, move the group panel to top right of screen, maximise ribbon again and hey presto, it "floats" above the ribbon. I like the change of background colour in group edit mode - yes it would be nice for sketch mode too, but what about sketch within group edit? Different colour combinations?

The cancel button is vital - quite different from undo (as that is fiddly to get to the right spot in the list).

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