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May 06, 2010


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It's easy to get the big stuff more or less "right", but the little details always show how much thought went into the design.

Its that extra bit that makes the difference between mediocre and exceptional.  Im not sure the big stuff is easy to get right all the time least not in Revit.  There are so many constraints and angles to consider.

You may not see frequent, or indeed any ;-) praise for these nice little features but many of us who use the software intensively every day of our working lives definitely notice and appreciate it, thanks.

Not looking for praise but thanks.  Some might have been this way from the start but its not always obvious until you use something for a while.

Glad to see those fit and finishes improvements!

Side note: while cleaning interior partitions prior to put on the drywall is a neat idea, there is also another practice that helps increasing thermal mass and reduces waste:

Put inside the walls all the small pieces of drywall that you would put in the garbage otherwise. It helps with the cooling/heating loads and helps the environment.

Still trying to clear my desk to get 2011 installed, but I always wonder why these "little things" never get communicated... for some if not many of them are much more benificial to many people than the biggest enhancements such as adaptive components. As impressive and powerful as they are, I don't see much use for them in our line of work, so things such as indentation in the properties pallet are much more important to us... but would probably go un-noticed otherwise.

With that said, I look forward to finding the time to upgrade to 2011 for the little things.

Sounds like you have been reading a little Donald Norman, huh?

Norman is a good read.  I think many would enjoy his books.

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