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April 22, 2010


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I can see the relationship with Revit workflows and workarounds.

Here is my work around for buying a diet Coke from my office vending machine:

1. Insert 3x 20pence pieces.
2. One of these got rejected (this machine is picky about which coins it accepts).
3. Pause for thought
4. Insert rejected 20 pence into the next door vending machine (which sells snacks not drinks)
5. Press coin reject and get two 10 pence pieces back out.
4. Insert 2x 20 pence pieces and 2x 10 pence pieces into the Coke machine
5. Get my drink.

I think there are lots of similar scenarios in Revit where a more direct route to the intended outcome has the potential to save time.

Incidentally, we have pull handles on the push sides of doors in my building. Still drives me mad after five years!

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