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March 08, 2010


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I'm glad to see this move by Autodesk. How many gazillion CDs and DVDs end up in landfills?

It’s very kind of Autodesk to give everyone three days notice!

How much energy and time is it going to take to download. I already have to download service packs at home because it takes too long on the network at work!

Users are already moaning about downloading service packs.

Give the user the opportunity to opt OUT not opt in with 3 days notice.

In the UK the boxes are always late for a launch anyway!

Boxes at least give the impression that you getting something physical for your money

You stopped the little manual in the Trial Packs ~ Does this mean the death of the Trial Packs?

You have stopped producing Offical Courseware

What’s the next stage close the factory!

Thanks for the large advance notice Autodesk.

There was I believe NO actual notice delivered to subscription customers.

Nor was the option clearly explained in the subscription center earlier this week.

Since our IT manager could not figure out how to set the firewall to allow a download to work last year, will this year be much different for us ?

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