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February 19, 2010


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Do you know if the drivers will work even if Office 2010 is not installed? .mdb is still .mdb and predates even Access 2007

Chris, That is a good point. Definitely worth a try. It goes without saying, all of this should not be done with actual production files!

You can read the odbc in excel, but can you write to odbc from excel?


Arno, You can set up an ODBC connection to write to another data source from Excel. However, Revit DB Link requires an Access or SQL server database as the intermediary because because of all of the complex relationships that must be represented. There have been some API add-ins written to accept data into Revit directly from Excel, but these have all been specialized (see the Excel Model Generator:

software is one of the greatest needs in today's market, I have always considered that every entrepreneur should have a basic knowledges in this field, as many companies depend on these systems to make important decisions.

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