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February 25, 2010


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Now draw a section through that mansard. Ew! Ugly! The only way to get mansard roof layers to go round the secondary hip properly is to create a roof by Mass.

Right. Mass can work. There is even another way I'll cover next.

Erik, This just came up in another forum but if you have a curve in your roof sketch and with one or more straight lines and the curve is slope defining... the cuttoff tool doesn't work right above a certain point on the roof. I gives an error in 2009 and cuts portions out of the middle or not at all in 2010+.

Can you include a link?  Ill take a look.  An alternative to the roof cutoff is adding an interior sketch loop but it could create the same problem.  Id like to check a known problem roof.

Sent you a link to beta forum via email.

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