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December 02, 2009


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I think the conceptual tools are pretty amazing, I really hope Autodesk expand the use them through into Revit Structure outwith the Architectural concept stage at the moment. I can think of a 1000 uses for the tools in the conceptual design that could be used for everyday modelling within Revit. It'd be nice to see these tools in all the family templates as well, as again, I think the modelling capabilites would grow substantially.

Great to hear. This is consistent with other feedback. The work behind getting the new concepts implemented was substantial so it needed to be contained in this initial release. We've heard the requests so stay tuned.

Erik, exciting to hear you say that. I really do think Autodesk are onto something with these tools, the sooner they are widely available within Revit the better! Excellent job with them.

This's amazing work, save a lot of time on conceptual modeling & design, hope it available on next release.

There are many limitations within the new conceptual family. Which is why you can't replace Rhino or Maya with Revit yet. These limitations have also been addressed at the virtual classes at Autodesk University. This obviously to be expected in its first release. I do hope that the motivation to continue developing these tools and also implementing them in other families will continue, considering that most Revit users (those who give feedback to Autodesk) rather have an advanced text editor or the ability to customize elevations marker, than a algorithmic editor in the massing families.

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