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December 04, 2009


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OK, so... that is AWESOME!

I have seen this used a few times, while it is nice, the biggest lacking feature to really make this accessable is tags in 3D views. For a house this might work but high end detail structures and any movements requires reworking.

We've been making the occasional exploded 3d view this same way with Autocad for years. What is missing is some additional Revit-ness: access to object data in 3d views. I think one of the really big potentials for BIM in general is in providing a lot more 3d views, especially of details, but until they can be annotated efficiently, that won't happen.

I envision a way to lock the extents of a 3d view. Only in that state would one be able to tag and keynote; dimensions would be place-able on an active workplane. If the view extents were unlocked and then changed, then the annotations would be left in their old position relative to the viewport, but orphaned from their objects, since it seems too much to ask for them to automagically reposition themselves in a cogent fashion given how much the view could change.

I've done this on a few projects over the past few years. Here is an example:

I use a similar approach and take it even further for documenting by placing empty drafting views over the top of the 3D views and adding text, lines, symbols, etc.

Its a tedious process but looks great.

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