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October 21, 2009


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Changing the single arrow to more of a rotate symbol (like it is in the ribbon icon) would clear up a lot of confusion, and consolidating to one tool

Did you mean rotate 180 degrees instead of 90 for the single flip arrows?

Um yes. I'll fix this.

I've been using Revit for 10 years, and finally know what the single arrow controls are for - I guess I'll stop ignoring them now ;)

maybe also adding a perpendicular dashed line to the existing dashed line might help some see the difference. It would kind of lead someone to think about rotating around an origin. I agree with all the other thoughts. Flip might indicate that your want to flip the object upside down like a pancake.... Hmmm maybe an enhancement... we could have flip controls for an elevational flip.

I wish the single flip controls did only rotate 90 degrees, then they would be so much more useful - particularly for freestanding objects. As it is, the two single flip controls each do the same job as the other.

Can you change the software to 90 degrees (and keep both controls), and the graphics to match the contextual menu? I guess that wall hosted objects would have to rotate 180 degrees.

Incidentally, when placing a component, hitting the space bar rotates the component 90 degrees anti-clockwise. I'm sure I've seen different behaviours/rotation increments in the past but have never figured out the rules. Can we tie that in with the controls somehow?

All good points and yes hosted elements restrict the behavior a bit though I think a 90 degree rotation could be considered. I never noticed the spacebar rotation was counter clockwise. Another inconsistency. The coriolis effect would be the opposite for Boston, MA. If it were changed would we offend those down under?

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