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September 15, 2009


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Thanks for sharing, those look quite nice. What's with the black and beige on the Rachofsky house? .-)

Nice renderings!

I only bring it up because you bragged about it: while it's fairly easy to get a nice looking exterior rendering, it's fairly difficult (sometimes close to impossible) to get a nice looking interior rendering that isn't too dark or splotchy/cloudy/sparkly.

I agree on the interior renderings and warn students of this so they can budget their time. Its still not the easiest thing and there are still issues but it got a lot better for students in R2009.

I should take the Meier model and re-render it in some patterned hues just to see if I'll get a call from an attorney. ; )

I find the opposite actually. ARe interior renders are far more life like and accurate than external ones.

I wish that Revit had better grass, trees and textures for use on things such as hedges.

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