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September 08, 2009


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Thanks, that will be useful. As it is currently implemented, though, people need to be aware that clicking on sections, topics, sub-topics, etc., does not change the url active in the address bar, and thus is not available for cutting-and-pasting to send to someone for reference. But if one opens a specific page in a new tab, that address will then be available for re-use.

Good point. For the sections/subtopics I tried right-click and open link in new tab/window to get a usable url.

When I right click I get "Go to Bookmark" and "Print Page". What are you right clicking on? The history page does not produce a useful URL either.

Figured it out.
You need to go here:
Not here:

The post wasn't clear enough. There are different formats available (pdf and html). I updated the post to pull out the direct links to 2010 html help.

That online help is fliping out on me when I try to use open in new tab or window. The new tab/window will constantly flash between the framed/unframed topic.

Feel free to email me your browser specs and a screen capture. I can have someone look into it.

I noticed the screen flipping out thing, too. For me it occurs on IE 8.0.7100.0. Easily reproducible by expanding the Contents hierarchy, and right clicking a section (say "Modifying a Family Type", for example), and selecting "Open in New Tab". Switch to the new tab, and the contents of the tab appear to stuck in a reload loop of some sort; the window switches back and forth between blank, displaying just the Contents pane, and displaying just the section content.

Anybody notice that the Revit MEP 2009 Family Guide link takes you to the Revit Architecture page?

I had trouble locating your email... so I'll post here. See vid.

specs... IE8 8.0.6001.18702 XP Pro SP3

Thanks for the post. That is very clear.

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