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August 10, 2009


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We should all do it for the health benefits. Reviteers (by and large) are intert and immobile all day long.

A few of us got in to riding in CNY as well... Though the farthest of us only have 14 miles round trip.

But my car wont average 23 mpg unless i crawl down the road and push it, LOL.

I can't wait to see the creativity of future commenters working in a Ribbon remark

I stopped trying to anticipate comments several posts back. There are just too many angles. Fortunately everyone has been pretty good about keeping on topic. There may be some Ribbon posts coming as there are many here evaluating feedback for that feature.

"I can't wait to see the creativity of future commenters working in a Ribbon remark"

Hang on, I think I've read this story before. Ah, here it is;

The Factory is participating in a challenge to work the Ribbon into Revit (release 2010-2011). As of today 31 workers in the Waltham and Manchester offices have logged in excess of 6000 complaints!

This translates into an increase of CO2 emissions in the order of nearly 6000lbs (you can do the calculations) due to users explaining why the Ribbon doesn't work and the extra energy they are consuming due to a greater number of mouse clicks and mouse movement. See and for figures.

Autodesk is assuming that the Ribbon provides users with new time saving functionality - not entirely true as the constantly changing UI requires more work which is producing an increase in physical labour, thus resulting in the higher than normal user CO2 levels. See:

The positive opinions are shared by (a very sad) 1/3rd of Revit users, while many are annoyed they had to fork out another year of Subscription fees for little gain.

All jokes aside, The Factory is growing a dedicated staff prepared to look the other way in an every growing community of unhappy Revit 2010 users.

Please note the above is nothing more than a parody and not to be taken seriously 8^P  Have a read, hopefully a chuckle, and then move on.

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