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April 09, 2009


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The pointer for text entry with leader needs a pointer indicating where the tip of the leader will be placed - as it is in 2009. The generic text entry pointer does not provide enough precision.

I think the cursors are one of the few UI improvements, but I do agree with Gary as mentioned above.
I personally would prefer to see a crosshair with the 'I' shaped text icon as the badge.

The text tool has two features which require accuracy.;
1. You can draw a bounding box to define the text boundaries.
2. Placing leaders pre-texting.

It makes sense to have them as a crosshair as you are after accuracy.

"An analysis of competitive drawing and modeling applications showed almost all used a cross hair"

I'm sure most of those were adsk applications. The crosshair is just hard on the eyes. It was something that came out of DOS and archaic graphic interfaces. The icons are very helpful in knowing right away what task you are doing. Apple/Photoshop got tghis right. (CorelDraw is outstanding in its use of context sensitive cursor icons.)

"I'm sure most of those were adsk applications"

I didn't list all the applications but they included Visio, Microstation, Rhino, Modo, Sketchup, and others some of which were ADSK apps. Sketchup was the only one that opted for a cursor typically used in paint programs. I'll take a look at CorelDraw. Context sensitive cursors are a good way to provide subtle feedback and so badges were retained in 2010.

The comments on the text cursor are good. I agree more precision is needed there.

I also add my voice to those clamouring for an arrow icon when placing the tip of a leader when using the text tool. The text brace icon should only appear if you are not placing a leader first. I also really like Aaron's suggestions!

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