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April 07, 2009


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It's a tooth!

Looks good!

Don't ask where that tooth came from! This was an open brainstorming activity where we allowed people to freely draw what came to mind. Apparently, a command in Revit reminded someone of a tooth. The other image I have has three ducks (I think that was supposed to represent "families" get it? ;-)

This is interesting as far as it goes, but I would love to hear more on this subject - for example, when you have a light bulb indicating that you can turn something on or off, the icon designers had a choice as to whether the bulb colour indicates the present state or what will happen if you click on it? There appears to be a fair bit of inconsistency with that (see various posts on forum) - some on-off icons do not change when clicked on, some have red crosses instead of light bulbs etc. It helps us to know the reasons for each case - we will complain less and give better feedback.

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