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April 02, 2009


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Those changes weren't too bad.

But, are you going to explain the reason behind how you ended up with the new extremely poor and very hard to disscriminate icons that are in the View Control Bar? Because these are truly abysmal.

You would have been far better off leaving the 2009 icons in this instance.

I agree, I very much like the Draw/Pick gallery and its new icons. There are a few others which don't make sense at all, and the view control ones are definitely a problem. The detail icons are going to cause much grief to users for sure - please, please change them before release (as Chad suggested before, if you don't like the all white icon for coarse, a half white, half grey would do; the shadows on/off icon does not convey the right meaning to me; See my post on the forum for a proposed mods to the crop icons

Thanks for the feedback. I have collected the comments here and from beta and will share them with the visual design team. If you can share more specific about the shadow icons feel free to send me a message me through the beta (egberte).

I've just posted a graphic mock-up on the forum. But specifically, the shadows need to be to the side of the object casting them, and look more like a shadow. I'd prefer something other than a sphere, but if you can make that work, go for it.

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