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March 01, 2009


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Wow, this is great, but where even to begin. Go ahead and focus on new features in 2010 for now, but then what; there are so many places to investigate and I would point out that many may be quite frustrated to have exhausted many subjects before and see no evidence of any activity on those issues. So a list of topics and a voting mechanism could be useful. But we also want to focus first on what the factory is most likely to pursue in the near future, so the results of a survey should be weighted by the factory without, as necessary, giving too much away, or the survey should only include topics of nearer term interest to Autodesk. Anyway, looking forward to discussions on keynote, schedules, text tools, site tools, parameters, family templates, UI, linking, wall joins, database implementation of text configuration files, elevation depth of field, yadayadayada, ..... cheers

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