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March 09, 2009


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Just wanted to say thanks for starting this blog up. It can only help things, and it's a smart move. I'm glad to see Autodesk start to get out of the 80's as software companies go ;-)

This is a good step to interact with customers.

I am far, far more interested in fixing/refining/evolving the current feature set than the ribbon interface.

The classic complaint for most users is for Autodesk to keep creating new whiz-bang features and interfaces before completing and polishing up the functionality and usability aspects of the current feature set. Family creation (with parametrics), library management, complex "flat" roof slopes in 3D (arrrggghh), compound sloping of free-form shapes (like curved sidewalks) and printing to just name a few pet peeves that still REALLY need attention before worrying about the pretty interface.

Personally, when I jumped to MS Office's ribbon in 2007 it drove me nuts for months and I found I was spending 10-30 minutes online and in the help file (over and over) to figure out how to do routine things that I had been doing as second nature for years. That was very frustrating and not efficient. And, I am a rabid early adopter and tech junkie and am proficient in maybe 60-70 apps and spent 15 years as a CIO.

I'd love to jump in with you guys and tackle a single issue like sloping flat roofs with vents, skylights, mechanical equipment, crickets, scuppers, etc. The current feature set requires the patience of Jobs to struggle through. (I am very serious about this. I am a very senior architect and know the production process in great depth).

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